Project de recherche motion

MOTION, Mechanised orthosis for children with neurological disorders, is an Interreg 2Seas project which aims to:

Major outcomes of MOTION project are:

MOTION brings together 15 partner organizations from 4 states in the 2 Seas region (Belgium, France, The Nederland’s and United Kingdom).

Mobilab & Care Thomas More has an active role in development, testing and validation of the exoskeleton and ankle foot orthosis in the lab. Mobilab & Care also participates in the first phase of the implementation of the assistive technology in a clinical setting.

MOTION was granted within fifth call of Interreg 2Seas programme, Priority axis: technological and social innovation, Specific objective: technological innovation; total project budget is 7 476 119 € (ERDF amount: 4 431 376 €, ERDF rate: 59%). Project timeline: 03/01/2019 – 30/09/2022.

For more info please see project website: